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Print deadline • Druckschluss PiB Guide Nº55 JULY/AUG 2024
⤷ Monday, June 17

One of PiB’s past print issues

PiB Guide Nº36


Every 2 months, PiB’s curated print issue – the PiB Guide – presents selected highlights from Berlin’s vibrant photography scene: mainly exhibitions, but also events such as workshops, photobook launches, congresses, roundtable discussions, and more, all with a focus on fine art & documentary photography.

The PiB Guide Nº36 MAY/JUNE has been published as a booklet, A6 format · 24 pages · English & German · worldwide shipping.

Apart from single copies, you can also choose an annual subscription for yourself, or a gift subscription for a friend. Shipping is offered worldwide | Payment is possible via bank transfer or PayPal.
Thank you for supporting this independent platform with your order.

Become part of PiB’s next print issue!
The print deadline for the PiB Guide Nº37 JULY/AUG 2021 is June 19th 2021.
For additional infos please refer to PiB’s media kit, and feel free to get in touch anytime for the current advertisement rates.
Note: PiB Online-Features are possible anytime – the print deadline does not apply for those.
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