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New print issue • Neue Printausgabe
⤷ PiB Guide Nº55 JULY/AUG 2024

One of PiB’s previous PRINT DIGITAL ISSUES

PiB Guide Nº34
JAN/FEB 2021


Every 2 months, PiB’s curated print issue – the PiB Guide – presents selected highlights from Berlin’s vibrant photography scene: mainly exhibitions, but also events such as workshops, photobook launches, congresses, roundtable discussions, and more, all with a focus on fine art & documentary photography.

Covid-19 note:
Due to the current Corona lockdown in Berlin & Germany, the PiB Guide Nº34 JAN/FEB 2021 will not be published as usual in print, but as a digital version only. All current PiB Guide annual subscriptions will of course be extended accordingly. In the meantime, please enjoy all exhibition features of this digital issue here below!

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The PiB Guide Nº35 MAR/APR 2021 will (hopefully) be published as a booklet again, and can be pre-ordered below. Booklet, A6 format · English & German · worldwide shipping.

If you like, you can also choose an annual subscription for yourself, or a gift subscription for a friend. Shipping is offered worldwide | Payment is possible via bank transfer or PayPal.
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Become part of PiB’s next print issue!
The print deadline for the PiB Guide Nº35 MAR/APR 2021 is February 17th 2021.
For additional infos please refer to PiB’s media kit, and feel free to get in touch anytime for the current advertisement rates.
Note: PiB Online-Features are possible anytime – the print deadline does not apply in that case.

Featured exhibitions of the
PiB Guide Nº34 JAN/FEB 2021

Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus | »The Lonka Project«

Collection Regard | Barbara Wolff »METROPOLIS«

Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung | »SEA PIECES / SEE STÜCKE«


»Kunstpreis Fotografie 2021«

Robert Morat Galerie | »WEEKLY WINDOW«


Mathias Völzke »No News Today«

C/O Berlin | OPEN CALL »C/O Berlin Talent Award 2021 – THEORIST«


& Co | Kathrin von Eye »Whispering of Japan«

Das Giftraum | »Art Auction«

Gropius Bau | »Masculinities: Liberation through Photography«

HAUS am KLEISTPARK | »Diversität der Moderne. 100 Jahre Groß-Berlin«

Galerie Springer Berlin | Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler »AN DEN STRÖMEN«

Lothar Wolleh Raum | »Lothar Wolleh Raum 3 – Atmospheres of Imagination«

Kunstquartier Bethanien | tunnel19 »Genius Loci«

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