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Print deadline • Druckschluss PiB Guide Nº54 May/June 2024
⤷ Saturday, April 20


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Past collaborators & trainees

From the series “Kukbuk”, 2020 – ongoing © Katerina Sysova

Kateřina Sýsová,
Trainee (April — June 2022)

“This is a self portrait together with my mom, eating cheesecake. I photographed it on my parents’ farm where I grew up. The door to the kitchen where we sat was usually wide open and sometimes an animal would appear for lunch. Everything there was very casual. Today I live in a big city, but I still see the world with these eyes. Some social clichés and rules may seem strange and absurd to me, and I like to work with them in my pictures. I’m also on the road as a curator and am currently doing an internship at PiB in Berlin for a few months.”

Katerina comes from Prague, where she studies Art History & Theory at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design with a focus on fine art photography. In her studies she is interested in the theoretical aspect as a curator, as well as the practical part as a photographer. Katerina has curated several exhibitions in the Czech Republic in well-known galleries (GASK, 8SMIČKA, Fotografická galerie Fiducia), as well as an exhibition in Berlin at Haus der Statistik.
In her artistic work she often questions social stereotypes. She is currently working on an ironic cookbook, “Kukbuk”, that presents traditional recipes from Czech cuisine in a slightly different light. She also recently completed a book on modern Czech castle lords, “Lords of Chateaus”, published by Práh.

During her intership at PiB, Katerina will focus on continuing PiB’s interview series »7 Questions for…«, and also provide you with personal insights & views from exhibitions!

Currently Katerina is auctioning one of her limited edition artworks in support of the Ukraine. Please have a look!

Kateřina’s personal profiles:
Instagram | Website | Portfolio (PDF, 3 MB)
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