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Fragment_Floss der Medusa © Yvon Chabrowski, 2015
Fragment_Floss der Medusa © Yvon Chabrowski, 2015

Fragment_Floss der Medusa © Yvon Chabrowski, 2015



Fragment_Floss der Medusa © Yvon Chabrowski, 2015Sonntag

Artist Talk

Sonntag presents:


by Yvon Chabrowski

Matinée / Artist Talk: Sunday, December 6, 2015, 14-18h (Facebook Event)


In December Sonntag presents comfort zone by Yvon Chabrowski.
Yvon’s favorite cake, Liebesknochen, will be served along with coffee and tea.

Sonntag is a social sculpture, it was started in September 2012 by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler and takes place the third Sunday afternoon of every month. An artist is invited to show their work in a private apartment and the artist’s favorite cake is made by April and Adrian which is served with coffee and tea during the matinee event. Sonntag is a nomadic project in the city of Berlin.

Previous artists have included; Jesper Dyrehauge, Sonja Ostermann, Julian Villaret, Hannah Dougherty, Mark Curran, Heike Gallmeier, Emanuel Geisser, Davide Cascio (Sonntag Paris), Miriam Steinhauser, Franziska Furter, Joe Neave, Astali/Peirce, Joachim Schmid, Holly Ward, Tove Storch (Sonntag Copenhagen), Sinta Werner, Jules de Balincourt (Sonntag New York), Belasco and New, Anne Gathmann, Kerstin Honeit, Ignacio Uriarte, Simon Faithfull, Maya Schweizer, Katrin Albrecht (Sonntag London), Samuel Dowd, Johannes Albers, Sophia Pompéry, Nika Radić, Inken Reinert, Tilman Wendland, Uta Eisenreich (Sonntag Amsterdam), Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, Chat and Marte Kiessling.

About the artist

Artist Statement

How much context needs a picture?

I separate media images that seem known and at the same time unfamiliar to me from their context and re-enact them. I take characters and scenes from the internet, newspapers or television and deconstruct them. That means I strip down images into their constituent elements and I subsequently reduce them to the essentials – to gesture and iconography. After this process of analysis, I re-enact them in a reduced form.

It is important to me that the representations can be experienced visually in space: the works Entführung (Abduction) (2007) and Afterimage / Protest (2013 ), for example, are depicted or projected life-sized into the exhibition space. In this way they become a counterpart for the viewer – the viewer becomes part of the image.
I‘m interested in how still or moving images are part of a collective visual memory – the extent to which they remain recognizable despite a shift in context, reduction, and enlargement and at the same time open up new relationships and thinking spaces.
The question in all of my work is: How much context needs a picture? How far can you take it out of context and yet still assign its origin? And how can it be experienced in a whole new and different way as something alien in the familiar.

Further current exhibitions with works by Yvon Chabrowski:

November 14 – December 23, 2015
MOMENTUM, Brandenburger Tor Stiftung im Max Liebermann Haus & Kühlhaus Berlin am Gleisdreieck, Berlin

Oct 1, 2015 – January 17, 2016
Kunstmuseum Bonn
Museumsmeile, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 53113 Bonn

»Der Raum zwischen den Personen kann die Decke tragen« – Sammlung Ivo Wessel
December 5, 2015 – May 22, 2016
Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20, 28199 Bremen

Event Details

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