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Your PiB Interview

A warm welcome & thank you in advance for taking the time to be part of PiB’s interview series »7 Questions for…«!


Let’s start!

To begin with, would you please introduce yourself briefly?
(also include a portrait photo, if you like!)

1) What does your everyday life currently look like?

(Do you work more or less than before / #precorona? How do you pass the time? Your tips on books/photobooks, podcasts, series/films, blogs, etc.?)

2) What are you happy about at the moment, and to what extent has your life perhaps even changed for the better?

3) What – or who – do you currently miss the most?

4) Could you please choose one of your photos and tell us the story behind it?

(or as a curator / gallery owner: a work by one of your gallery artists, and why it particularly appeals to you)

5) Some feedback, comment or compliment about your work that you will never forget?

6) Which single piece of art (regardless which genre) that you have ever seen has lastingly impressed or influenced you?

7) What plans, hopes and goals do you have for the forthcoming weeks/months?

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Check out – it’s a new initiative we just launched (on March 23rd, 2020). On this platform you can share & discover useful initiatives, projects, ideas or simply entertaining tips that make all our lives during Covid-19 – in Berlin and elsewhere – a little bit easier and more fun these days. Please take part!

Instagram Takeover

Present your photographic work live on PiB’s Instagram – and reach an interested audience at their homes who will follow & support you! PiB offers IG takeovers for 1-2 days.

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