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© Chiara de Maria
© Chiara de Maria

© Chiara de Maria

© Kichun Park

© Kichun Park

© Antonia Pischke

© Antonia Pischke

© Ciro Caltana

© Ciro Caltana

© MagdaTheGreat

© MagdaTheGreat

© Chiara de Maria© Kichun Park© Antonia Pischke© Ciro Caltana© MagdaTheGreat

Group Exhibition

»So we live«
Final exhibition II/2016

Ciro Caltana, Chiara de Maria, Anatol Kowalewski, MagdaTheGreat, Kichun Park, Antonia Pischke

Opening: Friday, October 28, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: October 29 – December 4, 2016
Finissage: Sunday, December 4, 2016, 17h
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 13-18h (Sun, Oct 30: 17-19h)
Admission free
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In this exhibition, different teachers’ graduates are brought together for the first time.

Three of the photographers are mentored by Bertram Kober and address social positions in the area of photojournalism and architecture photography: Ciro Caltana tells stories about people for whom work is about far more than making a living; Anatol Kowalewski, who found his material on a remote coast in Brazil, also shares this passion. In contrast, Kichun Park investigates how space is perceived and understood.

Two of the graduates studied with Eva Bertram: in her series, Chiara de Maria explores the grey zone between consensuality and molestation, while Antonia Pischke focuses on borderline situations of the physical and on deformation.

The work mentored by Eva Maria Ocherbauer explore intimacy: MagdaTheGreat plays with her own sexuality in a performative, gender-crossing way.

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October 4 + 11, 2016, 19h:
Film Screening »Talking About Photography in Berlin«

Sunday, October 30, 2016, 10-17h:
Symposium »photography matters. Photography as a critical method«

EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin
EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

Part of the EMOP Berlin 2016 – European Month of Photography Berlin 2016. Discover more Festival highlights on PiB under the tag #EMOP Berlin 2016!

Teil des EMOP Berlin 2016 – Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin 2016. Entdecke weitere Festival-Highlights auf FiB unter dem Tag #EMOP Berlin 2016!

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