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© Hakim Onitolo
© Hakim Onitolo

© Hakim Onitolo

Solo exhibition

Hakim Onitolo

Opening: Saturday, October 1, 2016, from 14h
Exhibition: October 2 – 20, 2016
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 14-18h, and by appointment
Admission free


Abdul Hakim Onitolo is engaged in visually investigative and cultural processes. The visual working process/practice is heuristic. Within the breadth of his practice, archives are accorded visible viability. The work often references visual cues, as signs and symbols. The practice seeks to engage cultural and historical relevance giving theoretical and visually re-evaluated meanings, and interconnectedness.
The works overarching visuality refers to the agency of the Black body as a conduit repository of knowledge. The artist asserts that intrinsic legacy; cerebral and emotive responses to the currency of the Black body offer positions to engage ‘Blackness/Otherness’ beyond meretricious and Occidental impositions. In Onitolo’s own words ‘…My practice over the last few decades has been a homage to history, historical and social tradition, legacy, the currency and value of culture and artistic intent.’

Event Details

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