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Mursi Mädchen, Äthiopien 2011 © Mario Marino
Mursi Mädchen, Äthiopien 2011 © Mario Marino

Mursi Mädchen, Äthiopien 2011 © Mario Marino

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Bettlers, Indien 2013

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Bettlers, Indien 2013

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Mannes, Indien, 2013

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Mannes, Indien, 2013

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Gypsie Mädchens, Indien 2014

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Gypsie Mädchens, Indien 2014

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Farmers, Indien, 2013

© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Farmers, Indien, 2013

Mursi Mädchen, Äthiopien 2011 © Mario Marino© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Bettlers, Indien 2013© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Mannes, Indien, 2013© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Gypsie Mädchens, Indien 2014© Mario Marino, Portrait eines Farmers, Indien, 2013

Solo Exhibition

Photographs from the years 2011-2015

Mario Marino

Opening: Friday, September 30, 2016, 19-21h
Exhibition: October 1, 2016 – February 10, 2017
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 14-19h, Sat 12-15h, and by appointment
(also open from Dec 27 – 30, 2016)
Admission free


From 1 October, 2016 to 10 February, 2017 the Berlin-based Galerie Hilaneh von Kories will present the exhibition „Portraits – Photographs from the years 2011 – 2015“ by photographer Mario Marino, who was born in Austria and is now living in Germany. The fifteen presented photographs in large format and in colour or black and white offer an insight into the current work of the photographer.

His work focuses on human beings. During numerous voyages to most different regions of the world the photographer has incessantly collected his very personal gallery of fascinating portraits. His pictures, which are characterized by respect and deep empathy, are not only powerful portraits, but they also reveal elucidating insights into everyday life of the portrayed people and thus enable the viewer to take part in the life of the portrayed. Again and again, the photographer is able to create a visually consistent relationship between viewer and portrayed people – despite all ethnic and cultural differences. Even if the clothing and photographing sites seem at first glance strange the emotions presented and the dignified poses seem familiar. Employing his suggestive and direct photographic work Marino attempts to produce an authentic view of the portrayed individuals. The camera does not act as a disturbing filter but rather as an open mirror. By the perfect interaction of detail and composition as well as the virtuous handling of black-and-white contrasts or colour compositions he was able to create unique portraits. It is hard to withdraw from these portraits which Marino calls “photographic profiles”. The viewer‘s interest is aroused and they make a lasting impression on his mind.

The pictures shown in Galerie Hilaneh von Kories were produced in Africa in 2011, on Cuba in 2012, in Mexico in 2015, but mainly in India, a country which the photographer has visited repeatedly between 2012 and 2015.

I am highly interested in different cultures, especially the Indian culture. I am fascinated by the extraordinary Indian faces as well as the cultural background and the identity of the people.”

For months Marino has prepared his voyages by extensive research. But despite all his attempts at perfection coincidence decides on the spot about the selection of the people portrayed, because „which people I would meet and how they would react could hardly be anticipated,“ says Marino. Whether street or marketplace, backyard or open desert: with simple means and natural light the photographer creates a direct vividness with his motifs. His portraits are at the same time captivatingly simple and artistically complex.

The interaction between photographic perfection and spontaneous reaction to the situation becomes especially visible in the portrait on an Indian man with his two children, which was taken in 2013. „I met this father with his two children by chance in Pushkar, Rajasthan. My driver and I had cruised the town for about seven hours and we were very tired. We were having a drink, when this beautiful man asked me for some rupees. He is a beggar. It was this incredible charisma. Immediately I began to look for a background, a wall or something similar. I asked him to stand in the shade, the sunlight from the opposite side acted as brightener. That was all. I took four to five pictures, gave him some rupees and they left.“

It is important for me to show the beauty and dignity of the human being, even if there exists a lot of horror, cruelty and poverty in the world. But, all in all, I really love people and that is the key. While taking pictures it is important that the people feel that I am honestly and sincerely interested in them. Otherwise I would not receive this intensity.”


Mario Marino was born in Hall in Tyrol, Austria in 1967. Since 2000 he has been living and working in Germany as a free photographer. During his trips through Europe, Africa, Cuba, India, Nepal and Mexico intense portrait series were produced, which are especially characterized by the empathic visual language of the photographer.
Mario Marino’s work has been presented nationally and internationally by numerous galleries and museums; for instance in Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Brussels, Köln, Dubai, Edinburgh, Essen, Geneva, Miami and München. Additionally his work was described and commented on in many national and international publications: Among others Artnet, British Journal of Photography, Daily Photo News, Evening Standard, The Washington Post, The Guardian, National Geographic (Daily Dozen), Profi Foto, PhotoZoom Magazine, The Independent, Die Welt and Vogue.

EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin
EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

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Teil des EMOP Berlin 2016 – Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin 2016. Entdecke weitere Festival-Highlights auf FiB unter dem Tag #EMOP Berlin 2016!

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