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© Michael Danner
© Michael Danner

© Michael Danner

Bildband Berlin | Bookstore & Gallery

Bildband Berlin | Bookstore & Gallery

Fototreff Berlin | Initiated by Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel

Fototreff Berlin | Initiated by Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel

© Michael DannerBildband Berlin | Bookstore & GalleryFototreff Berlin | Initiated by Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel


»Fototreff Berlin«

Guests: Thomas Gust & Michael Danner

Meeting: Saturday, April 22, 2017, 19h
Language: English & German
Admission free / A donation of 3 € is welcome


You are warmly invited to the 19th Fototreff meeting on:
Saturday, April 22, 2017, 7 pm

Prinzessinnenstrasse 16
Backyard, left entrance, 1st floor
10969 Berlin (Google Map)

Photography as Document – On the Notion of the Social in Photobooks

On the 22nd of April Thomas Gust, photographer and co-founder of Bildband Berlin and the lecturer and photographer Michael Danner are the curated guests of our evening. They are introducing a compliation of photobooks and investigating on the development, functionality and the impact of social documentary in photobooks. Various artistic production methods, strategies of book making, technical developements and the medial perception are having an effect on the mediation of reality in a photobook and will be discussed.

FOTOTREFF BERLIN is a photographers and editors meeting and open for everybody who is interested in contemporary photography. It is providing a critical discourse and adresses topics such as authorship, editing and presentation from various artistic and documentary perspectives. Furthermore we have at each of our meetings special guests of the photo community to give an impression of themselves and their work. You are happily invited to join our meetings to bring your own photographic work and take part in our discussions!

Please support us by a donation of 3 Euros for the expenses.
Unfortunately our studio capacities are limited to 40 participants. Please come early.

FOTOTREFF BERLIN is initiated by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel.

Event Details

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