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© Nico Baumgarten
© Nico Baumgarten

© Nico Baumgarten

© Nico Baumgarten

Artist Talk

»In Praise of Unprofessional Photography«

Nico Baumgarten

Artist Talk (de): Friday, January 13, 2017, 20h
Opening hours: Sat 15-19h, and by appointment
Admission free
Wheelchair accessible: No
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Nico Baumgarten takes pictures, binds and designs books, tries to write short stories, sometimes shoots video, likes to cobble wooden and metal stuff together and doesn’t want to direct his life into “the one direction”. His works mostly deal with politics as well as with normative and alternative life schemes.
During the past few years he self-publishes five photobooks and holds workshops internationally, sometimes generally dealing with photography and mostly specifically with the creation of photobooks.

In Praise of Unprofessional Photography

Somehow I’ve always thought that as a photographer you have to live off selling your pictures. Not that easy… At the peak of my despair I even worked for a casting-agency. Luckily enough I slowly but steadily arrived at the conviction that I need to take any economical pressure off of my photography. This allows me to deal only with topics that genuinely interest me and to shape them the way I want to, without making compromises. Ever since I made myself a four meters selfie-stick, take less photographs and enjoy it more.

In this artist’s talk I will show a variety of my works to outline this change of direction. I will also complain a bit about the art- and media-market and show a selection of my most unprofessional photography.

Event Details

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