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Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019

Art Weekend

»Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019«

March 8 — 10, 2019

50+ exhibitions with historical and contemporary photography

The eighth edition of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend presents more than 50 exhibitions with historical and contemporary photography. Current photographic trends, questions with regard to the change of meaning of visual culture and society are here reflected in photography and its cultural history. Museums, galleries and off spaces offer, in addition to the exhibitions, a diverse program of artist talks, lectures, and films on the medium of photography.

A focus this year is the confrontation with current social discourses that are dealing with questions regarding the construction of gender, identity, and social systems.


Women War Photographers

The exhibition Women War Photographers at the Kunstpalast turns to the generally underrated contribution women have made to war photography. The presentation comprises approximately 140 photographs by Carolyn Cole, Françoise Demulder, Catherine Leroy, Susan Meiselas, Lee Miller, Anja Niedringhaus, Christine Spengler, and Gerda Taro. Taken between 1936 and 2011, the photographs document the long history of women photographers working in war zones and question the widely held notion that war photography is a male preserve.


Uncertain States Scandinavia & Issue 09

Uncertain States Scandinavia, an artist collective from Oslo, are releasing their latest Issue 09, which revolves around the photographic portrait as a reflection of contemporary society. The magazine release is accompanied by an exhibition that showcases contemporary portraits of ten Scandinavian photographers, among others Lærke Posselt, Tonje Bøe Birkeland, and Christian Nilson at the NRW-Forum.

Fotobus Society

Identity. Courage. Love.

Offering a young perspective, the Die Fotobus Society examines the state of our current world. The collective of photography students, initiated by Christoph Bangert, presents the outdoor exhibition Identity. Courage. Love. at Schadowplatz. The predominantly photojournalistic works present a diverse political and social snapshot of our society in 2019.

The exhibition Body in Pieces at KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION addresses central contradictions of our times by example of the human body. Technological visions of the future, for instance, collide with reactionist moral values related to the body. With Numerous installations, videos, sculptures and wall-related works by international artists such as Monica Bonvicini, Mariechen Danz, Jens Pecho, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, and Ryan Trecartin.

The Polish Institute showcases the upcoming Polish artist Weronika Gęsicka with the exhibition Seltsam [strange]. By image manipulation, Gęsicka questions human memory and the mechanisms behind it. Disturbing elements force the viewer to look closer and reverse the gender and power relations.

Memories, recorded or deleted by visual media, are the overarching theme of the exhibition memo at the Setareh Gallery. While Morgaine Schäfer presents photographs of analogue ‘slide projections’, Sabine Dusend illustrates the process of deleting digital camera‘s memory.

With the exhibition Ex Machina at the Philara Collection, Ricarda Roggan approaches the essence of disused or obsolete machine objects. In austere objectivity, Roggan portrays items that have forfeited their function and have become legacies of an earlier era.

Museum Ratingen

who’s afraid of bauhaus? Critical reflections on the 100th

Our image of architecture and design has been decisively influenced by the Bauhaus, founded in Weimar in 1919. To mark its 100th anniversary, the Museum Ratingen shows the exhibition who’s afraid of bauhaus? Critical reflections on the 100th, with works by Heidi Specker, Louisa Clement, Anne Pöhlmann, Matthias Wollgast and Joseph Beuys.


Bauhaus and Photography – On New Vision in Contemporary Art

The NRW-Forum also reflects on the historical echo of the Bauhaus. The exhibition Bauhaus and Photography – On New Visions in Contemporary Art presents renowned positions of artistic photography, among others Thomas Ruff, Dominique Teufen, Wolfgang Tillmans, Doug Fogelson, Viviane Sassen, Antje Hanebeck, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, and Douglas Gordon.

Several exhibitions document the historical development of China as well as the contemporary view of modern Chinese society.

Haus der Universität

Eva Siao – Mein China

The Haus der Universität presents an excerpt from the large oeuvre of photographer Eva Siao (1911–2001) with the exhibition Mein China. Her black-and-white photographs are a unique testimony of 1950s history and everyday culture in China and a documentation of the socialist transformation. Siao’s US-based granddaughter Erika is expected to attend the exhibition, while director Martina Fluck will present her documentary My Dream, My Love, My Hope. Life memories of Eva Siao.

On the occasion of the magazine release Text+Bild at Haus der Universität, Chinese exiled poet and Peace Prize winner of the German Book Trade Liao Yiwu will read from his new book Herr Wang, der Mann, der vor den Panzern stand: Texte aus der chinesischen Wirklichkeit. In addition, there is a series of lectures and discussion rounds with speakers like Thomas Seelig, curator at the Museum Folkwang, the artist Viktoria Binschtok, and Daniela Baumann, director of the Walther Collection, Neu-Ulm.

Julia Stoschek Collection

New Metallurgists

Fang Di, Liu Yujia, Shen Xin, Song Ta, Wang Tuo, Yao Qingmei, Zheng Yuan, Zhu Payne

With the exhibition New Metallurgists, curated by artist Cao Fei and curator Yang Beichen, in cooperation with the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, the Julia Stoschek Collection focusses on a new and young generation of contemporary Chinese artists who in their works address the increasing complexity and hybridity of modern Chinese society.

The Association for German-Chinese Cultural Exchange presents the exhibition Scars of the Earth – Critical Landscape Photography from China with photographs by Du Zi, who witnessed the vast progress in his homeland China and sees the global development critically. The Konfuzius-Institut and the Coelner Zimmer also focus on photographic positions that reflect on China, its culture and society.

Again, the Düsseldorf galleries show an exciting program with renowned photographers and young talents.

Novel worlds of imagery that exclusively exist through and by photography can be seen at some galleries.

Grisebach shows renowned photographer Michael Wesely in the exhibition The Camera was Present (1988–2018). Wesely reflects the processes within the camera with the help of long-term exposures and home-made cameras.

The exhibition Sceneries by Thomas Wrede at Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art presents photographs between staging and reality, between truth and illusion. Wrede reflects on the longing for nature and the fidelity of the photographic process.

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz subtly shows paradoxical worlds of everyday objects at Clara Maria Sels. Under the title Nature of Things, the exhibition showcases objects built by Madoz and placed photographically in new visual contexts with meanings beyond their original function.

Artist Kay Kaul, master student of Prof. Rinke at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, succeeds in visualising dynamic processes as separate colour occurrences. Kaul’s works can be seen in the exhibition Cloudbusting at Galerie Voss.

Galerie Franz Swetec presents Portraits of Prague artists, 1967, a selection of works by Gisèle Freund (1908–2000), an outstanding photographer of the 20th century, well-known for her sensitive photo reports and portraits.

In cooperation with Rheinische Post, the exhibition Mensch Düsseldorf at Galerie Breckner shows a cross-section of the work by Volker Krämer that gathers photos from receptions of urban society with photos from everyday life and nightlife. The result is a differentiated picture of 1960s Düsseldorf. His son Felix Krämer is the current director of the Kunstpalast.

Bernd & Hilla Becher (1931–2007; 1934–2015) founded the Düsseldorf School of Photography and developed a groundbreaking aesthetic for the history of photography. Next to the former Becher studio, the exhibition Kohlebunker at Kunstarchiv Kaiserswerth is dedicated to the Becher’s same-titled series of works and their internationally renowned, objectively documentary photography.

The young and lively art scene around Worringer Platz is focussed on under the title Neighbourhood.

For the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, the project Neighbourhood annually shows an exhibition of international artists who deal with the term ‘neighbourhood‘ in a multi-layered way.

Titled PL CZE HUN SVK BIH, the exhibition at WP5 illuminates the social changes in Central Europe after 1989 until today. The exhibiting artists Iva Durkáčová, Tomoya Imamura, Christian Kasners, Joanna Kischka, Kalouna Toulakoun and Katarzyna Zolich take a look at Europe as a geographical construction and heterogeneous cultural space that increasingly raises questions about its future identity.

The Antichambre at Hotel Friends presents two exhibitions: Mimikry with works by Julius Brauckmann, Jaana Caspary, Felix Contzen and Jonas Hohnke, and Sonnendeck with works by Paul Schwer.

Numerous exhibitions around Worringer Platz unite a special artistic network with participants like Studio for Artistic Research, D‘Haus – Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, WP8, onomato Künstlerverein and many other off spaces and artists‘ studios.

The varied exhibition program of the participants will be accompanied by talks, lectures, discussion rounds and films on the photographic medium.

The complete program and further information:

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Opening hours of the participants during Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019:
08 March, 06.00 to 09.00 pm
09 March, 12.00 to 08.00 pm
10 March, 12.00 to 06.00 pm

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019
Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2019

March 8 — 10, 2019


[Düsseldorf, Germany]

Opening hours: March 8: 6 – 9 pm, March 9: 12 – 8 pm, March 10: 12 – 6 pm

Admission free

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PiB Guide Nº55 JULY/AUG 2024 © PiB (Photography in Berlin). COVER PHOTO: PiB Guide Nº55 JULY/AUG 2024 © PiB (Photography in Berlin). COVER PHOTO: Harf Zimmermann, Palast der Republik, Berlin 2005 © Harf Zimmermann, courtesy Collection de Gambs. Group show »Berlin, Berlin – 20 Jahre Helmut Newton Stiftung« at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin-Charlottenburg. +++ PiB Guide Editor / V.i.S.d.P. / Art Direction: Julia Schiller & Oliver Schneider · +++ Printed on 100% recycling paper in Berlin-Köpenick by altmann-druck, many thanks!

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»PiB — Photography in Berlin« | PiB’s website, PiB’s weekly E-Newsletter, and the bi-monthly published PiB Guide: page 12 & 13 from the PiB Guide Nº15 Nov/Dec 2017; feat. the exhibition Evelyn Hofer »Cities, Interiors, Still Lifes. Photographs 1962 – 1997« at Galerie Springer Berlin; image credits: Queensboro Bridge, New York, 1964 / Coney Island, New York, 1965 / Girl with Bicycle, Dublin, 1966, all 3 photos © Evelyn Hofer, Estate Evelyn Hofer.

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