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Collection Regard
Marc Barbey

Steinstr. 12
10119 Berlin
Mitte (Mitte)
Tel +49 30 847 119 47
Fax +49 30 847 119 48

Opening hours
During exhibitions on Fridays from 2 – 6 pm; Appointments are gladly arranged for viewings outside of listed opening hours;

Collection Regard
Collection Regard
Collection Regard


Collection Regard is a photographic collection focusing on German photography, and especially on Berlin. In 2005 Marc Barbey started to extend his collection of German black-and-white photography from the medium’s beginnings through the 1990’s. The estate of Hein Gorny is managed here. In its activities the Collection Regard adopts a position between a museum and a gallery, because as an archive and exhibition venue, it combines safeguarding and presenting high level, mostly unknown photographic positions.

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