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C/O Berlin Foundation

Amerika Haus
Hardenbergstraße 22-24
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Opening hours:
Exhibitions: Daily 11 am – 8 pm
Café: Daily 10 am – 8 pm
Bookshop: Daily 11 am – 8 pm


C/O Berlin Foundation
C/O Berlin Foundation


Since its founding in 2000, C/O Berlin has been presenting a lively cultural program of international stature. As an exhibition centre for photography, C/O Berlin presents the work of renowned artists, organizes events, promotes talented young artists, and accompanies children on voyages of discovery through our visual culture. C/O Berlin is a private foundation that distinguishes itself through innovative arts administration. Intensive educational work and close cooperation with institutions worldwide make C/O Berlin a unique center of cultural exchange – one of a kind not only in Berlin, but in the whole of Germany.

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C/O Berlin | »Daido Moriyama . Retrospective«

C/O Berlin | »Farah Al Qasimi . Poltergeist«

C/O Berlin | »Jochen Lempert . Lingering Sensations«

C/O Berlin | »Image Ecology«

C/O Berlin | »Mary Ellen Mark . Encounters«

C/O Berlin | OPEN CALL »C/O Berlin Talent Award 2023 – THEORIST«

C/O Berlin | »William Eggleston . Mystery of the Ordinary«

C/O Berlin | »Karolina Wojtas . Abzgram« C/O Berlin Talent Award 2022

C/O Berlin | »Anastasia Samoylova . Floridas«

Helmut Newton Foundation | »HELMUT NEWTON. BRANDS«

C/O Berlin | »Queerness in Photography«

C/O Berlin | »C/O Digital Festival . New Values«

Helmut Newton Foundation | »HOLLYWOOD«

Helmut Newton Foundation | »Helmut Newton. Legacy«

C/O Berlin | »Susan Meiselas . Mediations«

C/O Berlin | »Bieke Depoorter . A Chance Encounter«

C/O Berlin | »Songs of the Sky . Photography & the Cloud«

C/O Berlin | »Harald Hauswald . Voll das Leben! . Reloaded«

C/O Berlin | »Adji Dieye . Culture Lost and Learned by Heart« C/O Berlin Talent Award 2021

C/O Berlin | »C/O Digital«

C/O Berlin | »C/O Berlin App«

Museum Barberini | »A New Art: Photography and Impressionism«

Helmut Newton Foundation | »Stephan Erfurt: On the Road«

C/O Berlin | Nadine Ijewere »Beautiful Disruption«

C/O Berlin | Anna Ehrenstein »Tools for Conviviality«

C/O Berlin | »Peter Miller . Dear Photography«

C/O Berlin | »Lee Friedlander . Retrospective«

HAUS am KLEISTPARK | »Ausschreibung zum Foto-Arbeitsstipendium 2021«

„Berlin sagt Danke!“ | Aktionstag am 19. Juni 2021

C/O Berlin | »Send me an Image . From Postcards to Social Media«

C/O Berlin | OPEN CALL »C/O Berlin Talent Award 2021 – THEORIST«

»EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography 2020«

C/O Berlin | Felicity Hammond »Remains in Development«

C/O Berlin | Harald Hauswald »Voll das Leben!« Retrospektive

C/O Berlin | Michael Danner »Migration as Avant-Garde«

C/O Berlin | Symposium »Return to Sender: Utopias and the Limits of Circulating Images«

„Berlin sagt Danke!“ | Aktionstag am 7. März 2020

C/O Berlin | Sophie Thun »Extension«

C/O Berlin | Francesca Woodman »On Being an Angel«

C/O Berlin | Linda McCartney »The Polaroid Diaries«

f³ – freiraum für fotografie | »THE ILLEGAL IMAGE«

C/O Berlin | »C/O Berlin Talent Award 2019: Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques . Sub Rosa«

C/O Berlin | »Love, Ren Hang«

C/O Berlin | Christopher Williams »MODEL: Kochgeschirre, Kinder, Viet Nam (Angepasst zum Benutzen)«

C/O Berlin | Robert Frank »Unseen«

C/O Berlin | »No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989 — Today«

f³ – freiraum für fotografie | »Greenpeace Photo Award« Ian Willms & Pablo E. Piovano

C/O Berlin | Elfie Semotan »Contradiction«

C/O Berlin | »Food for the Eyes«

C/O Berlin Eduction Unit | Hartford Art School »Fruit Taped to Trees«

C/O Berlin | Cortis & Sonderegger »Double Take«

C/O Berlin | Boris Mikhailov »Before Sleep / After Drinking«

C/O Berlin | »The Last Image . Photography and Death«

C/O Berlin | »Back to the Future . The 19th Century in the 21st Century«

EMOP Opening Days at C/O Berlin / Opening of the European Month of Photography Berlin 2018

C/O Berlin | Nicholas Nixon »Life Work«


C/O Berlin | Wim Wenders »Instant Stories«

C/O Berlin | »The Polaroid Project«

C/O Berlin | »Stefanie Moshammer . Not just your face honey« C/O Berlin Talent Award 2018

C/O Berlin | »No Dust On the Mirror« Hartford MFA Group Photography Exhibition

EMOP Berlin 2018 | A preview

Bundesverfassungsgericht erkennt Street Photography als Kunstform an

Kommunale Galerie Berlin | »DRIVE DROVE DRIVEN«

C/O Berlin | Irving Penn »Centennial«

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum | ABURY Foundation »PortrAid – Get art. Give work.«

C/O Berlin | Torbjørn Rødland »Back in Touch«

C/O Berlin | Joel Meyerowitz . Why Color? Retrospective

»Berlin Art Week 2017« | Sep 13 — 17

Magazin »Tagesspiegel KUNST BERLIN 2017/18«

C/O Berlin | Willi Ruge »Fotoaktuell«

C/O Berlin | Danny Lyon »Message to the Future«

»Koudelka Shooting Holy Land« A Film by Gilad Baram | Film screenings in Berlin

C/O Berlin | William Klein »Photographs and Films«

NOOR-Nikon Academy workshop | Call for applications

C/O Berlin | Talents 2017 – New Documentary Photography

EMOP Berlin 2016 | Nachwort & abschließende Empfehlungen

C/O Berlin | Gordon Parks »I Am You«

exp12 | Sasha Kurmaz »I See the Things«

HAUS am KLEISTPARK / Projektraum | Marc Volk »camera plana«

C/O Berlin | EMOP Opening Days: Sep 29 – Oct 2, 2016

EMOP Berlin 2016 | Portfolio Reviews (application period)

C/O Berlin | Diskussion: »Blickwechsel – Gender in Mode und Modefotografie«

C/O Berlin | Talents 38 »Method« . Sasha Kurmaz / Svea Bräunert

C/O Berlin | Adam Jeppesen »Out of Camp«

C/O Berlin | »Poppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin«

Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016 Special

C/O Berlin | Hans-Peter Feldmann

C/O Berlin | Allure [Fr. style, elegance]

C/O Berlin | Forget About Digital vs. Analog! New Concepts of Photography

C/O Berlin | Ulrich Wüst – Cityscapes / Late Summer / Peripheries

C/O Berlin | Peter Puklus – Unsafe to Dance

C/O Berlin | Stephen Shore . Retrospective

C/O Berlin | screen memories – Talents 36 . Verónica Losantos / Anja Schürmann

Robert Morat Galerie | Peter Puklus – One and a half Meter

C/O Berlin | Jörg Sasse – Serendipity

C/O Berlin | Anton Corbijn: Book signing – Hollands Deep & 1-2-3-4

C/O Berlin | »Foto: OSTKREUZ« – A film by Maik Reichert

C/O Berlin | Anton Corbijn Retrospective

C/O Berlin | Hikari – Talents 35 . David Favrod / Julia Katharina Thiemann

C/O Berlin | Eyes Wide Open! 100 years of Leica photography

C/O Berlin | Lives of the Unholy . Talents 34

C/O Berlin | Rudi Meisel – Compatriots 1977-1987 . Two Germanys

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