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EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin
EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

C/O Berlin Foundation

C/O Berlin Foundation

EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography BerlinC/O Berlin Foundation

Photography Festival – Opening Days

»EMOP Opening Days«

European Month of Photography Berlin 2016

September 29 – October 2, 2016


C/O Berlin is curating the EMOP Opening Days of the European Month of Photography Berlin 2016. The opening days will be held from September 29th through October 2nd, 2016 at the Amerika Haus in Hardenbergstraße 22-24. The seventh EMOP is organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with 120 photo institutions and with a total of 130 exhibitions and will run through October 31st, 2016.

Talks and Panels

Getting an overview of the constantly growing visual flood of images in our daily lives seems now like a Sisyphean task. In place of contemplative immersion in the imagery, the next captured moment immediately demands both our attention and intensive sharing. Whether it‘s media, the art market, agencies, cultural institutions, archives or even private use – dealing with the photographic image has long been defined by comprehensive digitization, omnipresent algorithms and inexpensive data storage.

Rather than surrender or retreat, new technical solutions and cultural practices are in demand now more than ever. Arranging, sorting, filtering, editing, reviewing, categorizing and deleting seem less glamorous at first, but nevertheless remain sensible and meaningful practices for the future. On the occasion of EMOP Opening Days, C/O Berlin is inviting internationally renowned photographers, curators, media experts, archivists and journalists to discuss this group of topics in presentations, talks and panels and identify new possibilities.
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Book Days & Exhibitions

Book Days, curated by C/O Berlin, will form part of the events and over 30 international publishing houses will present their newest publications. That‘s because even in the digital age, books remain an ideal medium for presenting the whole fascination for photography and its diversity. The selection of the format, the feel of the paper, the constellation of images and the specially coordinated layout make these analogue data repositories into modern objects of desire – from mass circulation to the personal collector‘s piece. For the topic of photo books, special live presentations, book productions in real time, book signings, open workshops, artist dialogues and performances will be offered.

C/O Berlin is participating with three exhibitions for the EMOP Berlin – in Don’t Start With The Good Old Things But The Bad New Ones, artist duo Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin address the Holy Bible and War Primer by Bertolt Brecht in a kind of reenactment. With I Am You by Gordon Parks, C/O Berlin is devoting the first big retrospective here in Germany to this chronicler of the fight for equal rights of the Afroamerican population in the USA. And Maja Wirkus will examine how the reception of architecture is subject to a permanent process of transformation in her series Praesens II Präsenz.
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Portfolio Reviews

For Portfolio Reviews, photographers, artists and students will have the chance to present their photographic work in 20 minute-long individual discussions to known experts – including photographers, curators, art directors, journalists and gallery owners. Applications for the portfolio reviews can be submitted via the festival website between August 8 – September 4, 2016.


In the context of the EMOP Opening Days, C/O Berlin is offering Junior and Teens workshops for many teens and young people. In open creative classes, children and adolescents can learn about décollage, light graffiti, trick film production and photography with a pinhole camera.
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Live Acts

For the individual evenings and nights of the EMOP Opening Days, C/O Berlin is organizing its own music program with concerts by international and local bands, musicians and DJs.
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The detailed program of the EMOP Opening Days with all of the participants and the timelines of events will be published on and starting in mid-August.

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EMOP Berlin 2016 – European Month of Photography Berlin 2016

EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin
EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

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