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Below you’ll find selected (international) photography competitions & awards, workshops, initiatives, products & more.

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PiB Guide Nº51 NOV/DEC 2023 © PiB (Photography In Berlin). COVER PHOTO: From The Series “Él Pone La Música, Nosotros Bailamos” © Manuela Lorente. Group Show »Two Bears And A Strawberry Tree« At AFF Galerie In Berlin-Friedrichshain, Read More On Page 4 & 5! +++ 6 Photos On Right Double Page Spread (p. 5): 1) Top Left: © FASE11 × Alejandro Marote, How Many Steps Are A City? 2) Top Right: © Laura C. Vela, Como La Casa Mía 3) Middle Left: © Manuela Lorente, Él Pone La Música, Nosotros Bailamos 4) Middle Right: © Sergio Belinchón, Provisional Atlas Of Berlin 5) Bottom Left: © André Groth, Am Ende Der Sonnenallee 6) Bottom Right: © Émilie Delugeau, Zuhause +++ PiB Guide Editor / V.i.S.d.P. / Art Direction: Julia Schiller @julia.schiller_ · Ele Studio Berlin · +++ Printed On 100% Recycling Paper In Berlin-Köpenick By Altmann-druck, Many Thanks!
PiB Guide Nº51 | Nov/Dec 2023

Cover-Feature: AFF Galerie »Two Bears and A Strawberry Tree«

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