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Solo Exhibition


Daniela Torres

BLEND, a solo exhibition by artist Daniela Torres, is a 5-year body of work on portrait and abstract photography. Since being conceived in 2015, the two series exhibited at Tirree have been developed alongside one another yet never intertwined. Although touching upon different topics, they are now being introduced for the first time as a whole.


What does it mean when a woman photographs a nude male? Ecuadorian photographer, Daniela Torres, has been exploring this question for the past five years. Without a doubt, the answer is decidedly complex and inextricably entwined in the myriad history of art, photography and film in which the female naked form has been predominantly featured from a male perspective. Women are often depicted as the desired object or the idealised embodiment of the essence of nature in nature.

Rather than objectifying, the artist succeeds in attempting to bridge a real, but more importantly, psychological gap between herself and her male subjects, and in so doing, her portraits convey a respectful and beautiful union of human souls in spite of the gender difference. Her sitters are photographed with an instinctively sensitive eye in which the men willfully succumb to a cathartic experience, exposing the strength of vulnerability, far removed from more obvious representations of impervious masculinity. These textured portraits manifest a sense of collaboration in semi-performative situations and combine a determined formality in casual and spontaneous moments


Light on film.

This body of work is a celebration of the spontaneity and intuition that is analogue photography, from the simple act of taking a photo by mistake, to errors during the developing process, or in the scanning of the film.

Due to the very nature of the series, there are no intended subjects, meticulous composition nor planned concepts. Each piece was picked solely through consideration of its colour palette and form, resulting in every photo proffering a different outcome full of brilliant colours, textures and, given that this a different approach to the concept of photography, hidden beauty.

Framework program

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020, 7 – 11 pm
Opening Reception
Facebook Event

Saturday, Feb 8, 2020, 10 pm – open end
Exhibition Party
Facebook Event

Thursday, March 5, 2020, 8 – 12 pm

Jan 17 — Mar 5, 2020
Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan 16, 7 – 11 pm
Framework program: please see above

Birkenstraße 46, 10551 Berlin
[District: Moabit | Borough: Mitte]

Opening hours: Daily 9 – 2 am

Admission free

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