PiB’s bi-monthly PRINT ISSUE – this time only in digital form

PiB Guide Nº30


Every 2 months, the curated PiB Guide presents selected highlights from Berlin’s vibrant photography scene – mainly exhibitions, but also events such as workshops, photobook launches, congresses, roundtable discussions, and more – all with a focus on fine art & documentary photography.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the PiB Guide Nº30 MAY/JUNE will not be published in print as usual, but will be presented in digital form only here on PiB’s website, in order to be able to inform you as flexibly as possible about new/changed exhibition dates. Please view the exhibition features of this digital issue below.

Note: The PiB Guide Nº31 JULY/AUG will be published as a booklet again, and can be (pre-)ordered here. Booklet, A6 format · English & German · worldwide shipping.

Featured exhibitions in the
PiB Guide Nº30 MAY/JUNE 2020