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The PiB Guide #3 | September/October 2015 © PiB

The PiB Guide #3 | September & October 2015

The new PiB Guide for September & October 2015 is here, presenting a handpicked selection of interesting photography exhibitions & events in Berlin, taking place within the next 2 months.

You can find the free guide at one of the participating galleries (see below) – or support PiB by ordering your copy in PiB’s shop! Thank you.

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The PiB guide is printed carbon-neutral and with organic inks on matte, premium white 100% recycling paper.
The PiB Guide #3 | September/October 2015 © PiB
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Featured Events in this issue

The PiB Guide #3 | September/October 2015 © PiB

Where to find the PiB Guide

Free copies of this PiB Guide are currently available
at all the featured galleries, and at various other photography institutions
& (photo-)book stores throughout Berlin.

If you like, you can also order your copy or an annual subscription in PiB’s shop!
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