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© Christopher Parschat, From The Series "West Of The Sun"

Group Exhibition

Guest exhibition at aff gallery:

»Abseits (Offside)«

Final exhibition, seminar Grit Schwerdtfeger | Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie:

Jaane Christensen, Sonja Deppisch, Petra Fantozzi, Eva Grillhösl, Ria Henning-Lohmann, Olaf Janko, Christopher Parschat, Hagen Seyring, Stefan Weger

Opening: Friday, March 24, 2017, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: March 25 – April 2, 2017

Opening hours: March 25 & 26: 10-18h, March 30 & 31: 17-21h, April 1 & 2: 10-18h
Admission free
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
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On the 24th of March the final exhibition of the Ostkreuzschule seminar of Grit Schwerdtfeger will be opening at aff Galerie. The common theme of the nine individual works is “Abseits” (engl.: “Offside”). The individual works will deal with the issue in very different ways: from political to personal.

What does the sleeping bag of a homeless have in common with the hurt skin of a woman? Both describe in their own matter what one could summarize under the theme “Abseits (Offside)”. The homeless, who spends his time in the middle of a busy business street, still stays out of the general social interactions. The woman, who seems happy on the outside, might be torn apart by her troubled family history on the inside. Both aspects describe only two of the nine positions which will be presented at the end of March in the aff Galerie.

Find further details (in German) about the exhibition at

Event Details

OSTKREUZSCHULE für Fotografie Berlin
Kochhannstraße 14, 10249 Berlin, Germany