© Sophie Schwarz

Group exhibition

»Wo ist die Welt? Da wo ich bin.«

With works by members of the cameraD collective:

Jan Bechberger
, Ditta Jenssen, 
Alexander Labrentz, 
Inga Alice Lauenroth, 
Alicia Louisot
, Inga Orschinski
, Monika Paulick, 
Sophie Schwarz, guest: Daniela Imhoff

Opening: Friday, November 11, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: November 12 – 26, 2016
Finissage: Friday, November 25, 2016, 19h
Opening hours: Daily 14-19h
Admission free


cameraD is a collective of nine photographers. Founded in 2013 in a small industrial area in Weißensee, the members meet up on a regular basis to discuss each one’s individual work and to develop concepts for exhibitions.
Their works include portraits, landscape/nature scenes, stated photography, documentaries, urban and poetic photography.

After the touring exhibition “subkutan” and the temporary exhibition series “kurzum“, eight out of the nine photographers present their current works in “Wo ist die Welt? Da wo ich bin”, part of the 2nd Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin from 12. – 26. November at loftgalerie Weißensee.
In relation to reality each of the photographers shows empathy and authenticity in her/his individual perspective on life.

We’re happy to have video-artist Daniela Imhoff as our guest, presenting her work “Substance and Form” (2016). Her videowork comprises two seemingly disparate plots, echoed in the counterpoint between its video and audio tracks. With the lyrics conceptualised by the artist as an affirmative praise of the achievements of mankind on its quest for individuality, the video counterpoints its plot with historical imagery and momentary footage by the artist, suspending unequivocality. The ambiguity peaks in the narrating hermaphroditic creature, partly reptile and partly human.

Part of the Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2016.
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Teil des Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2016.
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