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Kehrer Galerie | »Book Talks Nº2« Ji Hyun Kwon, Tom Licht, Alan Luft

Book Presentations

»Book Talks Nº2«

Ji Hyun Kwon, Tom Licht, Alan Luft

Book Talks: Friday, January 27, 2017, 19h
Admission free


We cordially invite you and your friends to our book talks.
 On a regular basis Klaus Kehrer will introduce a selection of new publications together with changing artists. You will get the chance to meet the artists in person, to get insights into the various projects, and to purchase signed copies. Photography fans, interested collectors, as well as art and photobook newbies are very welcome!

On January 27th the following books will be presented:

Ji Hyun Kwon – THE GUILTY

Tom Licht – Daheim

Alan Luft – Photographic Portraits Berlin

Current exhibitions at Kehrer Galerie (until February 11, 2017):

Jeffrey Silverthorne »New Works & Darlings«
Ashkan Sahihi »Beautiful Berlin Boys«

Event Details

Kehrer Galerie
Potsdamer Straße 100, Tiergarten, 10785 Berlin, Germany