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Fototreff Berlin | Initiated By Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel

Photographers & Editors Meeting

»Fototreff Berlin«

Initiated by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel

with Yvonne Bialek & Jeferson Brito Andrade, and guests

13th Fototreff Meeting: Saturday, April 2, 2016, 19h
Language: English & German
Participation free


You are warmly invited to the 13th Fototreff meeting on Saturday, 02. April at 7 pm.

Prinzessinnenstraße 16
Backyard, left entrance, 1st floor
10969 Berlin

Fototreff Berlin is a professional photographers and editors meeting, providing a critical discourse towards photograpy, its authorship, editing and presentation from various artistic and documentary perspectives. Bring and present your own work, ask relevant questions and discuss with others.

On the 2nd of April, Yvonne Bialek and Jeferson Brito Andrade are presenting the concept of a members administered photographic collection. The collection is at the same time archive and platform for communication and exhibition.

Yvonne Bialek is an art historian and curator, doing her post-graduate studies at “Das fotografische Dispositiv” with the topic “Installation Views”. Jeferson Brito Andrade is the co-founder of the Cabinet Gold van d’Vlies and Art Director at Quadriga University, Berlin. Both are publishers of various magazines and artist catalogues and live in Berlin.

Fototreff Berlin is initiated by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel.

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Event Details

Fototreff Berlin | Initiated by Charlotte Schmid, Tobias Laukemper & Annika Nagel
Prinzessinnenstraße 16, 10969 Berlin, Germany