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WBB Willner-Brauerei: Öffentlich | Privat | Persönlich

WBB Willner-Brauerei: Öffentlich | Privat | Persönlich

Öffentlich Privat Persönlich, „Parklife“ © Michael Below

Group Exhibition

Öffentlich | Privat | Persönlich

Michael Below, Sérgio Bothelo, Christina Denz, Erhard Flach, Wolfgang Friedler, Petra Greif, Roland Helbig, Friederike Heynen, Ella Maria Kadas, Ania Kaszot, Irene Mauch, Lutz Schramm

Opening: Friday, May 22, 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition: May 23 – 31, 2015
Finissage: Sunday, May 31, 2015, 7 pm


public vs. private: contemporary photography between inner and outer spaces

Public areas are surveyed by cities or governments, the internet shows masses of private pictures.That’s one end of the lane. On the other end citizens back away into private spaces and show no interest in political debates and legislativ processes. But are we really observed in everyday life as some of us think? Or is there any private space left at all? The upcoming exhibition titeled „öffentlich | privat | persönlich“ invites the audience to reflect about our relationship to picture taking and contemporary photography itself. Exhibition on Willner-Brauerei (WBB) in Berlin-Pankow starts on may 23rd and ends on may, 31th.

The artist group is situated at the Photocentrum am Wassertor, which offers one year courses in art photography. The class of public vs. private was run by Berlin based artist Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

In their photographic essays the artists went into search of their point of view: Ella Maria Kadas haunts the traces of people in public spaces, Erhard Flach surveys the impact of street advertisement and Lutz Schramm spies into his own privat rooms – and discoveres how misleading a glance can be. Roland Helbig, Sérgio Bothelo und Irene Mauch take pictures at the threshold to inner to outer spaces. Ania Kaszot questions her own publicly hide family history, Christina Denz tries to caputures her intimate imaginations. Friederike Heynen, Petra Greif und Wolfgang Friedler reflects about the realtionsship between privat behaviour in public life and Michael Below observed people on a sunday park stroll.

About the artists

More Information on the artists, the catalogue and venues can be found on the exhibition website:

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