Pavlov’s Dog | Peter Boettcher MINIMUM – MAXIMUM

pavlov’s dog | Peter Boettcher MINIMUM – MAXIMUM

© Peter Boettcher - Kraftwerk, Paris, 2002, Lambdaprint Auf Aludibond Unter Acrylglas, 93 X 125 Cm, 7:8

Exhibition / Solo exhibition / Opening

Peter Boettcher | MINIMUM – MAXIMUM

Kraftwerk – Photographs

Opening: Monday, January 5, 2015, 7 – 9 pm. The artist will be present.
Exhibition: Jan 6 – 13, 2015



From January 6 to January 13, 2015 pavlov’s dog will be showing the works of Peter Boettcher for the first time. Peter Boettcher has been photographing, documenting and interpreting the work of Kraftwerk for the past two decades.

The photographs –exhibited exclusively at pavlov’s dog – will be on show during the week of the 3-D-concerts of Kraftwerk at the Neue Nationalgalerie „Kraftwerk – Der Katalog -12345678” where the pioneers of electronic music are presenting their complete works in eight concerts.

Photographer Peter Boettcher is known for his portraits of stars of the international music scene such as R.E.M, Morrissey or Sonic Youth. At the beginning oft he 90s he photographed the legendary Kling-Klang-Studio of Kraftwerk near the main station in Düsseldorf for music magazine SPEX. This encounter marks the beginning of an intensive and long lasting collaboration between the photographer and the musicians and their imagery to the present day.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the first live album (and DVD) and it shows the central aspects of the Kraftwerk phenomena: The collaboration between MAN and machine. At the same time the exhibition title MINIMUM MAXIMUM also plays with the sizes of the small and large scale works on display in the exhibition from Peter Boettchers oeuvre of KRAFTWERK photographs.

Boettcher’s visual language hereby differs fundamentally from the usual Pop-Band- Photography. The exhibition shows photographs of live concerts of the band but there is not a single image of sweating pop stars or crying groupies. It is music-workmen that stand firmly on stage-embedded into the musical production line. By reducing form and colour and introducing a graphical rigour to his photographs as well as stringently using a central perspective Peter Boettcher is able to capture Kraftwerk’s imagery in a congenial way.

Nowadays, their concerts take place with custom made, spectacular 3D-projections that capture all of the audience’s senses and the crowd seems to be immersed in the flow of the music. Band co-founder Ralf Hütter wants to create spatial sounds or “acoustic patterns” and “musical films” as he calls it. Ever since their concerts on the occasion of their retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2012, at the Kunstsammlung Düsseldorf and at Tate Modern in London (both 2013) Kraftwerk has been received by the art world as an entirely new visual and musical artistic phenomena with Peter Boettcher being their photographic annalist and his photographs that are artworks in themselves. (Matthias Ehlert, Weltkunst, January 2015 issue)

The catalogue “KRAFTWERK ROBOTER FOTOGRAFIE PETER BOETTCHER” is available at the gallery during the exhibition.

About the artist

Peter Boettcher started his career in the late 80’s when he shot cover for the independent music-magazine “spex” as LL Cool J, Morrissey (The Smiths), Sonic Youth, Salt ´n´Pepper, and R.E.M. Works for magazins as stern, Zeitmagazin, Vogue followed.

In 1991 Peter Boettcher photographed the electronic-pioniers KRAFTWERK in their legendary KLING-KLANG-Studio in Düsseldorf. This was the starting of a close and intense collaboration that continues to this day.

Peter Boettcher portrait-works don’t follow any short-lived trends. From the beginning he concentrated on the person according to the motto: Less is more.
The artist’s photos express a clear visual language and formal objectivity. His work is reduced to the essential things and has its own timeless modern character.

As he presents a perfect unity of space and person his portraits are opposite and in a discourse against the superficial and in any way changeable results of postproduction.

Aside of his work with artists and musicians Peter Boettcher does commercials and editorials such as for Deutsche Bank, P7/Sat1, Loreal etc.

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