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Pavlov’s Dog | Max Kersting – Nie Wieder Internet

pavlov’s dog | Max Kersting – Nie wieder Internet

© Max Kersting, »Nie Wieder Internet«, 2015, Marker Auf Original Fotoabzug

Solo Exhibition

Nie wieder Internet

Max Kersting

Opening: Thursday, September 10, 2015, 19h
Exhibition: September 11 – October 10, 2015
Opening hours
Thu-Sat 16-20h, and by appointment


No one can promise you that a visit in Max Kersting’s exhibition is worth your time. You might as well spend your precious time outside. Get some fresh air in a park for instance where it smells nice and one does not have to pretend to be laughing about something or to act as if one finds this rather absurd humour at all funny or even understand it. Maybe one would see a squirrel that one could give a nut to. Max would probably do exactly that: He would be hanging out in a park where one could see him from far, knowing that he is working on the next chapter of his autobiography written in jokes which also contains inscribed photographs.

About the artist

Max Kersting (*1983) lives and works as an artist and author in Berlin, Lippstadt and Florence, Italy. Earlier in his life, he studied graphic design in Düsseldorf and made a career as a rollerblader, Party-DJ and producer of ice tea. ZEIT magazine first discovered his work and thus he was knighted as an artist. With that came his first book publication in 2013 after numerous exhibitions: His first novel: “Drei unbeschwerte Tage” (Three carefree days) (Metrolit Verlag). Since 2014 he has a weekly picture column in Süddeutsche Zeitung. “Nie wieder Internet” (“No more internet” or “internet: Never again”) is his second exhibition at pavlov’s dog.

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