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ORi | SPACES – Freie Kunsträume In Deutschland

ORi | SPACES – Freie Kunsträume in Deutschland

SPACES – Freie Kunsträume In Deutschland, © Marina Gärtner / Deutscher Kunstverlag Berlin

Book Launch & Talk

SPACES – Freie Kunsträume in Deutschland

by Marina Gärtner

Book Launch & Talk
with Marina Gärtner and Deutscher Kunstverlag Berlin
Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 7 pm


Far removed from established galleries and large museums, the German art scene is teeming. New art venues open every day in rear buildings, vacant spaces or private apartments. Some of these spaces exist for decades; others are temporary setups or migrate from city to city.
“SPACES” presents this subcultural development, while assembling the sites and projects into a city guide. It is a guide for any traveler wishing to take a look into the studios and onto the experimental stage used by contemporary art, while willingly exploring a city’s unknown districts. Graphically simplified city maps and a directory provide documentation on the locations of the spaces and geographical orientation. Interviews with initiators and artists round out this exceptionally designed book, which introduces more than 300 art spaces in 25 cities.

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