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FENSTER61 | Laure Catugier – Found Footage

FENSTER61 | Laure Catugier – Found Footage

© Laure Catugier, From The Series FOUND FOOTAGE

Solo exhibition

Found Footage

Laure Catugier

Exhibition: September 16 – October 13, 2015


French-born artist Laure Catugier uses poetry and irony to reinterpret codes of architecture and design that she learned during her time as an art student. The series of photographs currently shown at FENSTER61 includes plain, unadorned top-view shots of plastic bags, newspapers, and other items the artist found in public spaces, items that seem to be slowly becoming one with the concrete floor on which, judging by the looks of it, they must have been lying for a very long time. Laure Catugier brings an interdisciplinary approach to her work that spans the areas of photography, video, and installation art.

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