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Kominek Gallery | The Dreams Of Dogs

Kominek Gallery | The Dreams of Dogs

© Nathaniel Grann

Group Exhibition

The Dreams of Dogs

Matt Eich, Eugénie Frerichs, Jenia Fridlyand, Ariella Gibson, Nathaniel Grann, Aaron Hardin, Martin Herrea, Cody Holcombe, Kelly Lynn James, Lori Lynn, Peter Morse, Nicole Rosenthal, Joshua Watson

Opening: Friday, May 1, 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition: May 3 – 9, 2015


Berlin’s Kominek Gallery will host The Dreams of Dogs, an exhibition opening this May Day, edited by Jörg Colberg and featuring work by first year students in the Hartford Art School M.F.A.Photography program.

The Dreams of Dogs brings together diverse new work by students from across the United States and South America. For example, Kelly Lynn James’s black and white photographs address the isolation of individuals and the emotional and psychological impacts of modern urban existence within the context of mass transit. While Joshua Watson takes on an exploration of the competitive relationship between photographer and subject through challenging his subjects to a board game for the duration of a portrait session.

Searches of identity and meaning within our daily lives are explored through the work of Jenia Fridlyand, Nathaniel Grann, and Lori Lynn. Fridlyand photographs her children to capture the universal experiences of growing up and forming an understanding of this world. Grann’s work focuses on rural landscapes and portraits of male identity in the American Midwest. While Lynn conveys her subjects’ hopefulness and vulnerability in portraits of those who are struggling to become remarkable.

Nicole Rosenthal, Eugénie Frerichs, Cody Holcombe, and Peter Morse explore the ideas of landscape and our relation to our surroundings. Rosenthal seeks and photographs in the usually unseen stretches of New York City and Frerichs does this by imagining a world without water. Holcombe explores the interactions between existing landscapes and the temporary ones created alongside the development of land in Southern California. While Morse’s black and white photographs present highly constructed yet subtle observations of repeated meandering drives through his home region of New England.

Finally, Aaron Hardin, Ariella Gibson, Martin Herrea, and Matt Eich explore the complexity of parenthood and our relationships to our immediate loved ones. Hardin’s work observes the transition from boyhood to fatherhood with the birth of his first daughter, while Gibson’s series explores her relationship with her deceased father and uses personal experiences to talk about universal themes of childhood and parenthood. Herrea’s work creates an observation on surrender, disruption, and trust as the artist, confronted with looming fatherhood, revisits his paradigms in order to construct his identity as a father. Eich’s work occupies a liminal space between truth and fiction as he attempts to wrestle fleeting family moments into a more permanent state.

These artist’s diverse range of work and execution comes together in The Dreams of Dogs to showcase the students work a year into the Hartford Art School M.F.A.Photography program.

The Hartford Photo M.F.A. is a unique international limited-residency program developed and directed by Robert Lyons for the engaged professional investigating art, documentary practice and the photo-based book.

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