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Kehrer Galerie | Imaging – On Quiet Pathos In Engaged Photography

Kehrer Galerie | Imaging – on quiet pathos in engaged photography

© K49814: »Wildpferd 1«, 2012. Digital Fine Art Print, 45 X 30 Cm. Courtesy Kehrer Galerie, All Rights Reserved.


Imaging – on quiet pathos in engaged photography

Prof. Dr. Paul Ziche

Lecture: Friday, July 31, 7 pm
by Prof. Dr. Paul Ziche, University of Utrecht, professor for the history of modern philosophy (Lecture held in German).

The lecture is taking place on occasion of the current exhibition at Kehrer Galerie, »K49814: Atmen ohne Pause«. Exhibition: June 27 – August 1, 2015.

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The term pathos in rhetoric is linked to the speaker’s ability to emotionally captivate his audience, whereas logos and ethos – the other two rhetorical devices – relate to credibility and moral integrity of the speaker. But not only oratory knows pathos, aesthetic theory of fine arts also used pathos or the so-called »Pathosformel« to discuss effect respectively value of the appellative character of a work of art.

The lecture tries to originate the appellative character of the presented photographs in an attitude that faces its subject with a means of reduction, stillness and a scarcity of concentration. It will also pose the question how breathing as a continuous vital activity can be the subject of a photographic project that deals with the violent determination of animals’ lifes.

Prof. Dr. Paul Ziche studied philosophy, physics and psychology in Munich and Oxford. PhD and habilitation in Munich for the research on the relationship of philosophy and the sciences around 1800 and 1900. Since 2008 professorship for history of modern philosophy at the University of Utrecht, after positions in Jena and Munich. Research focus: the relationship of philosophy and the sciences, philosophy of German Idealism, history of science; history of the humanities and psychology; interdependency of philosophy, art and culture.

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