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Grundemark Nilsson Gallery | Martin Mlecko – PRIVATE

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery | Martin Mlecko – PRIVATE

© Martin Mlecko, From The Series Je Ne Sais Quoi, Installation View

Solo Exhibition


Martin Mlecko Studio Exhibition

Opening: Saturday, May 2, 2015, 19h
Exhibition: May 3 – end of 2015

Opening hours
by appointment


The presented new works, “Prelude” and “Je Ne Sais Quoi” are references to the beginning and the end of (analogue) photography.

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery
Dorothée Nilsson / Gallery Director
+49 170 547 0707

Studio Martin Mlecko
Chausseestraße 110, 10115 Berlin [Mitte]

About the artist

Martin Mlecko is an investigative artist working in a range of media, who is continually seeking the inherent beauty in objects. His photographic oeuvre is a collection of series without itself being serial in structure. He is both traveller and observer, sometimes also seeker, whose creative products defy relegation into the clearly defined pigeon holes of the art industry. Among his art forms are large-format installations and small-scale documentation, both representational and abstract.

Mlecko´s photos are put on show not so much as observations of reality. They are more expressions of moods: they have their origins in personal experience, in the found objects in his close environment. The two series entitled Prelude and Je Ne Sais Quoi could alternatively be named Eros and Thanatos, which in psychoanalytical terms mean life energy and death: the beginning and the end. They are references to the beginning and the end of (analogue) photography. While the photographs in Prelude are the physical beginnings of a film, in Je Ne Sais Quoi they show only the cinematic essence – effacing the subject. Je Ne Sais Quoi shows the impossibility of ultimately defining an aesthetic object in terms of language.

Martin Mlecko was born in 1951 in Essen and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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