FENSTER61 | Holger Biermann – Off The Rails

FENSTER61 | Holger Biermann – Off the Rails

© Holger Biermann, From The Series Off The Rails (Aus Der Kurve)

Solo exhibition

Off the Rails

Holger Biermann

Exhibition: October 14 – November 17, 2015


This is how Holger Biermann describes his work “Aus der Kurve / Off the Rails”:

When I first came to Berlin I worked as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. And I still vividly recall G., the Turkish dishwasher. From early morning until late evening she would stand hunched over the sink, scrubbing whatever was put in front of her. With what little money she made she raised three children on her own, until one day she couldn’t go on any longer: breast cancer it was, she said, crying. After she had had an operation and a few months of therapy, she was back again and went back to washing dishes as if nothing had happened. She just sang and laughed again as she always had done. That impressed me.”

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