FENSTER61 | Florian Thein – Structure & Desire

FENSTER61 | Florian Thein – Structure & Desire

© Florian Thein, From The Series Structure & Desire (Struktur & Verlangen)

Solo exhibition

Structure & Desire

Florian Thein

Exhibition: November 18 – December 15, 2015


The ongoing series “Struktur & Verlangen” (“Structure & Desire”) by Florian Thein collects details in urban space that are designed in a way that reflects a will to create as much as arbitrariness, decisiveness as much as helplessness. Ephemeral sculptures of the street tell of the moment they were created; they are traces of actions and testimony to a lived environment. Having been removed from their original context as a result of the way the photographs were composed, seemingly banal things take on the character of still lifes, the boundary between authenticity and artificiality blurring.

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