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Exp12 | Ina Schoenenburg – Flashback

exp12 | Ina Schoenenburg – Flashback

© Ina Schoenenburg, Flashback

Solo exhibition


Soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder

Ina Schoenenburg

Opening: Friday, June 6th 2014, 7 pm
Exhibition: June 7 – July 13, 2014


For a long time the suffering of traumatised soldiers had disappeared from the German peoples’ consciousness. And also after Germany’s re-unification the soldiers’ fates were overshadowed by a fundamental national debate about foreign deployment. Not until the former minister of defence Guttenberg spoke about war in 2010, instead of combat operations, soldiers were finally perceived as affected subjects. Nevertheless, most people still lack the knowledge and access to the actual situation of soldiers returning from war deployment.

Over a period of one year Ina Schoenenburg photographed four soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder in their domestic, social and every day life environments. All portrayed soldiers were stationed in Afghanistan and heavily traumatised during their foreign deployment. The photographer shows the extent to which this disease burdens these soldiers and their relatives, and how war or the deployment in areas of conflict can change a person. Her work scrutinizes the stereotypical image of the strong, ever functioning soldier. The images of the series Flashback are narrative snapshots. They show real, yet casually taken portraits and scenes of every day life.

About the artist

Ina Schoenenburg was born in 1979 in Berlin. She graduated from Ostkreuzschule in 2012, finishing Sybille Fendt’s class with her thesis work „Blickwechsel“. Her current work „Flashback“ – funded by a scholarship of VG Bild-Kunst and nominated for the Otto-Steinert-Award 2013 – is being exhibited for the first time.

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