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Exp12 | Carolina Magnin – Ánima (Liebe)

exp12 | Carolina Magnin – Ánima (Liebe)

Exp12 | Carolina Magnin – Ánima (Liebe)

Solo exhibition

Carolina Magnin – Ánima (Liebe)

Opening: Saturday, March 28, 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition: Mar 29 – Apr 26, 2015


The subject of Carolina Magnin’s work ÁNIMA is themed around memory.

ÁNIMA is a work that changes its form of expression in relation to time and space, like memory itself. In this sense the artist intends to create an intersection of German and Argentinean past in Berlin under the additional title (LIEBE). This time she is going to add finds from Berlin to the found objects brought from Argentina.

As in the other works from Carolina Magnin the process is of particular significance in this one. The conscious use of original photographs with finger prints, dust, scratches and discolorations serves as the artist’s metaphor for the past and creates authenticity.
The resulting photo-objects, often made from transparent materials, seem to take in–as an additional layer–the history of the place where they are shown.

About the artist

Carolina Magnin, born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, is an Argentinian artist, curator and co-director of the artist collective “La Ira de Dios.” She studied art at the University of Buenos Aires, photography at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia and at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. Her work has been shown in South America, the US and Europe in numerous exhibitions.
It is the first time her work will be shown in Germany at exp12/ exposure twelve in Berlin.
Carolina Magnin lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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