BTK | ZWØLF Graduation Show

BTK | ZWØLF Graduation Show

Btk - Zwoelf - Abschlussausstellung


ZWØLF Graduation Show

Andreas Günther, Carolin Fleischer, Constantin Gerlach, Dahahm Choi, Dennis Oellig, Hannes P. Albert, Jasmin Kokkola, Jessica Wolfelsperger, Joy Fischer, Paloma Cheyenne, Patrick Raczek, Susann Gerstäcker, Tamara Karoli, Torben Averkorn, Thomas Mielke, Theresa Thomczik

Opening: Friday, January 16, 2015, 6 pm (with DJs)
Exhibition: January 16–24, 2015, open daily from 2-8 pm
Closing: Saturday, January 24, 2015, 8 pm


FINAL EXHIBITION of the graduates of the photography department at BTK University of Art & Design

Between time and space, intimacy and distance, deception and passion – sixteen photographers offer their interpretations, which are not only linked by common study, but also by their desire to capture what moves them.

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BTK | ZWØLF Graduation Show Photography

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