Blender & Co. | The Artist Is Broke

Blender & Co. | The Artist Is Broke

The Artist Is Broke

Group Exhibition / Conceptual Photoprint Fleamarket / Auction

The Artist Is Broke

Jeferson Brito Andrade, Giampiero Assumma, Sarah Bernhard, Nora Blum, Marie Chatard, Caroline Fayette, Nick Grossmann, Robin Hinsch, Grey Hutton, Halea Isabelle Kala, Tim Klausing, Helen Korpak, Kristin Krause, Kathrin Leisch, Anastasia Muna, MUSÉ, David Neman, Martin Petersen, Nicolas Polli, Marina Richter, Camilla Storgaard, Inès Berra Viola, Rowena Waack

Opening: Saturday, September 19, 2015, 16h
Exhibition: Sep 19 & 20, 2015
Auction exhibition: Sunday, Sep 20, 2015, 16-18h
Auction: Sunday, Sep 20, 2015, 18-21h

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On Saturday September 19th we would like to invite you to the first Berlin Photofleamarket at Blender & Co. “The Artist Is Broke”.

Creative industries and the art market grow by exploiting the creativity of the young, hustling masses, sucking their do-it-yourself vigour and paying them back with precarious employment situations and effective evasion of any kind of payment.

“The Artist is Broke” was conceived in order to create a platform for artists selling their exhibition prints and other work to a like minded audience and give art enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase works from their favorite artists for an affordable price.


During the day on saturday, Sova & Blender are curating an alternating exhibition with these works, that evolves every 90 minutes into something different, building up in a candid combinatory process, to fill the space with works of art, just like a DJ fills a club with music. Following up the event, a book will be published, based on this this curatorial collaboration.

All prints not exhibited, will still be available for you, to look at, flip through and buy from the artist straight away.


On location you will find a photo-book & magazine table by Sova Magazine, Cabinet Gold van d’Vlies and Romka Magazine. Add another exquisite artwork to your collection and let your portrait be taken by the marvellous Blender & Co. team on large format Polaroid.


On Sunday from 4-6 the auction exhibition will be on show, followed up by the auction-action from 6 till 9pm, starting from 5-10 eur each, with a special selection of prints that are left from the day before.


Brought to you by Blender & Co. and Sova Magazine.
Supported by Gesellschaft für Junge Fotografie.

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