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Berlin School Of Photography | Workshop For Beginner (in English)

Berlin School of Photography | Workshop for Beginner (in English)

Berlin School Of Photography


Workshop for Beginner (in English)

with Bettina von Kameke / Noga Shtainer

Saturday & Sunday, 10:30 – 16:30


  • 9th & 10th May 2015
  • 23rd & 24th May 2015
  • 6th & 7th June 2015
  • 20th & 21st June 2015
  • 4th & 5th July 2015
  • 18th & 19th July 2015
  • 1st & 2nd August 2015
  • 15th & 16th August 2015
  • 29th & 30th August 2015
  • 12th & 13th September 2015
  • 26th & 27th September 2015


The Photography Course for Beginners will give you a solid foundation from where you can start your photographic journey. It is designed that you will learn how to be in full control of our camera. You will learn the most important camera functions and how to do a photo in manual setting (F/Stops, Shutter Speeds, ISO). After the course you will be able to shoot a beautiful silhouette, take motion pictures, photograph at night and create stunning film look portraits.

Language: English
(for dates of this course in German please check the BSP website)

What you will learn:

  • Getting to know you camera
  • Resolution, Print Size, File Format (Tiff, Jpeg, Raw)
  • Lenses (Focal Length, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses)
  • Depth of Field
  • Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, F/ Stop)
  • Focus (Autofocus Lock, Focusing points, Single or Continuous Focus)
  • Light Meter
  • Shutter Speeds (Freezing, Blurring and Panning)

Participants: 3 to 8
Fee: 295 Euro

About the School

The Berlin School of Photography “BSP” – offers photography courses and photo tours designed to learn a new skill and to live and explore Berlin through the eye of the camera.

We do assignments at major attraction sites, but also step out of the tourist path to explore the real Berlin. Our trainers share their local knowledge and latest Berlin tips with you.

The courses are designed to be hands on, 70% practical, 30% theory, held in English and German, in which we understand and respond to the client’s individual needs.

Our vision is to explore the wonderful world of photography and the charme of Berlin. The clients get the maximum inspiration, motivation and pleasure out of their participation in order to make it an unforgettable Berlin experience.

The Berlin School of Photography also offers the following courses, held in English or in German:

» Workshop for Beginner
» Advanced Photo Workshop
» The Blue Hour
» The last GDR apartment
» Street Art Tour
» The Big Five of Berlin
» One-to-One Training

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