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Sonntag is a social sculpture, it was started in September 2012 by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler and takes place the third Sunday afternoon of every month. An artist is invited to show their work in a private apartment and the artist’s favorite cake is made by April and Adrian which is served with coffee and tea during the matinee event. Sonntag is a nomadic project in the city of Berlin.

Previous artists have included:
Jesper Dyrehauge, Sonja Ostermann, Julian Villaret, Hannah Dougherty, Mark Curran, Heike Gallmeier, Emanuel Geisser, Davide Cascio (Sonntag Paris), Miriam Steinhauser, Franziska Furter, Joe Neave, Astali/Peirce, Joachim Schmid, Holly Ward, Tove Storch (Sonntag Copenhagen), Sinta Werner, Jules de Balincourt (Sonntag New York), Belasco and New, Anne Gathmann, Kerstin Honeit, Ignacio Uriarte, Simon Faithfull, Maya Schweizer, Katrin Albrecht (Sonntag London), Samuel Dowd, Johannes Albers, Sophia Pompéry, Nika Radić, Inken Reinert, Tilman Wendland, Uta Eisenreich (Sonntag Amsterdam), Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, Chat and Marte Kiessling.

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