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Pilote was established as an online producers gallery in the summer of 2016. The team consists of nine independent artists of international origin. Represented and curated by Berlin based art historian Monique Wysterski. Since then pilote presents pop-up exhibitions on a regular basis. These will temporarily occupy different spaces, as they have no explicit gallery location. Pilote displays contemporary art of all media, specifically conceptual art and interdisciplinary works. All nine artist’s practices revolve around creating conceptual works by using interdisciplinary methods. The gallery explore and develop new trends of artistic aesthetics and ways of exhibiting the works.


Betty Böhm, Selket Chlupka, Cécile Dupaquier, Kathrin Ganser, Theresa Schubert, Sarah Straßmann, Attilio Tono, Valentina Torrado, Daniela Zeilinger

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