(Ostkreuz School of Photography)
Werner Mahler Thomas Sandberg GbR
Behaimstraße 28-34
13086 Berlin

District: Weißensee
Borough: Pankow

Website: www.ostkreuzschule.de

Ostkreuzschule Für Fotografie Berlin
Ostkreuzschule Für Fotografie Berlin

Today almost anyone can operate a camera, but does it make them photographers?
To be a photographer requires a special ability – to be able to see photographically. This particular ability can be learnt and developed over time.
The Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin offers training based in the artisanal, mental, and emotional skills of this ability. Following basic studies, the focus is on the development of a personal visual language.

Documentary, journalistic, or artistic photography genres are differentiated and the interactions between, and knowledge of design theory, history and theory of photography will be taught. Successful photographers of the agency «Ostkreuz» communicate their experiences in various photographic genres. Students also learn to make conceptual and substantive decisions throughout their project work. The course comprises seven semesters in the cultural metropolis of Berlin.

Werner Mahler and Thomas Sandberg founded the Ostkreuzschule for Photography in Berlin in 2005.

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