I’m a curious person and that’s why I photograph.
As I’m curious I don’t limit myself to a certain area of photography or to one visual language. With each work my aesthetics change, because I believe that each message needs to be communicated in a unique way.

I have a background though and that lies in documentary photography. A recurrent topic in my works is everyday life and housing situations. But my latest book for example is about stray cats.

As I enjoy working on long term projects, I see photobooks as the ideal format for my work. So far I self-published 5 titles: “Berlusconians / No Berlusconians”, “Leer”, “ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio”, “Die wachsamen Augen der Angela M.” and recently “How the other half lives”.

My works have been shown in exhibitions and festivals in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Poland and China. I published in le monde diplomatique, arte, vpro, financial times, la vanguardia, jungle world and other publications.


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