Neue Schule für Fotografie

Brunnenstraße 188-190
10119 Berlin
Mitte (Mitte)

Opening hours of the gallery:
Thu-Sun 13-18h

T +49 30 280 468 62 (Office)


With the help of photography stories are told, products are sold and political conflicts are worked out. Photos preserve memories, awake emotions and are traded on the art market and are reproduced million times as news imagery. Still a hundred seventy years after its invention, photography is still one of the most important media for cultural communication.

The self-imposed task of the NEUE SCHULE FÜR FOTOGRAFIE BERLIN (New School for Photography Berlin) is to interfere skills to the students, that they need for the successful photographic activity, despite the area they want to work in: artistic photography, coverage, non-fictional photography or fashion photography, etc.

Within the three and a half years of study at our school of photography you learn how to implement commissions and autonomously developed projects on a thematically, formal independent and efficient way. On the one hand you will learn the essential mechanical skills in the fields of camera-, exposure-, studio- and laboratory technology. On the other hand you will learn indispensable skills for later practice in the fields of copyright- and contract law, financing (scholarships, contests) and business administration.

Additionally to the impartation of solid mechanical foundations our school emphasizes that the students have the ability to locate themselves and their photographic positions into an additional social context as well as into history of photography and an art historical context.

With Berlin as an upcoming center of photography the NEUE SCHULE FÜR FOTOGRAFIE BERLIN offers an ideal environment for prospective photographers. Considering the appeal, that the city has internationally, the school campaigns for a transnational exchange and the networking with other schools of photography.

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