Fotofabrik Bln-Bxl
Annabel Werbrouck & Fabrice Havenne

Weisestraße 30
12049 Berlin-Neukölln

Opening hours:
Thu & Fri 16-18h
Sat 11:30-13:30h,
and by appointment



The basic idea behind Fotofabrik Bln Bxl is to associate photographers based in Germany & in Belgium within exhibitions in our location in Berlin-Neukölln, Weisestraße, 30.

Why Bln (Berlin) Bxl (Brussels)? Simply because we moved from Brussels to Berlin almost 4 years & we want to build connections between those two cities to which we are strongly attached.

About 5 to 6 exhibitions will take place each year – 4 in 2016 – lasting around 6 weeks each. There is no particular kind of photo targeted, as long as it is art photography: street photography, intimate, portraits, reportages,…
With side events taking place during the duration of the Exhibition – Projections and the like – the purpose is to give access to the photos to a mixed public.

In the near future, the goal will also be to set up artist residencies for Belgian artists in Berlin.
Whenever possible, we’ll try to give the opportunity for the German photographer/collective to exhibit their work in Belgium.

Fotofabrik BLN BXL is a project by Annabel Werbrouck & Fabrice Havenne.

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