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Legiendamm 16
10179 Berlin (Mitte/Mitte)
T +49 30 54 73 82 81

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10 am – 5:30 pm, and by appointment


d’mage is a professional printing lab for Fine-Art-Prints of the highest possible quality.

Our services include:
– archival pigment prints
– solvent prints
– DryLab
– high-resolution scans
– retouching
– mounting and laminating, also solutions for acrylic-glass
– logistic in town with our own driving-service, or worldwide with logistic-partners
– framing

Special service: We design and produce solutions for high-quality large format printing (at this point we have implemented FineArt prints of up to 8 x 12 meters in format), we offer this service in three-dimensional processing also. d’mage can also print on extremely light materials, for example. We stick, embroider, sow, weave or weave with paper. We can print on glass, stone, leather, etc. We provide the craftsmanship to produce what artists envision.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism as a service provider and our absolute discretion as a partner. Whether we print your vacation photos or a German state gift for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, we love our job. We give the same attention and expertise to your print to achieve the best possible result and help make your work look amazing.

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