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Portrait, Fashion, Documentary, Staged Photography

Photography has been shaping our view of the world for over 175 years. Photography captures moments in time, over the ages and across generations, and it can often make complex relationships between society and individuals much clearer, more understandable, and more striking and concise than words could ever do. With pictures, you can make a genuine impact on people; they speak to our feelings and have a direct effect on us. Photography is a tool – both within a political as well as a personal realm – for shaping who we are and forming an identity. That’s why it is even more important to learn the standard principles and rules of photography, and then leverage these to create your own unique visual language.

The BTK program

The program is designed to enable you as a student to discover all areas of photography. After learning the basics in photography and design, you will dive into portrait, fashion, documentary, and still-life photography, as well as experimental, editorial, and studio photography on a semester basis. The courses are accompanied by seminars in photography, art, design and film history, media theory, and philosophy. What’s more, you have the option to attend courses within the programs for Communication Design (English), Motion and Interaction Design, and Illustration.

The tasks are based on the requirements of the working world. BTK’s philosophy and mission is to support you in letting your talents and preferences unfold – regardless of whether you would like to work in an abstract, artistic way or with real-life applications. The development of your own visual trademark, as well as teaching you the skills you need to think of concepts out of the box, form the essential foundation for your career success. Thus, they are encouraged and supported.

To give you a more precise picture of what to expect in your future career, or to coach soft skills, you will complete a mandatory, 21-week internship or semester abroad, for instance at a partner university within the Laureate Network. The 6th semester serves to intensify your own design interests and to fine-tune them for your profession.

During the entire program, joint photo excursions will be organized on a voluntary basis – such as to Italy, India, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Israel, Finland, and the USA.

In the 7th semester of your bachelor’s degree studies, you will leverage the knowledge you’ve gained and your skills to create your own concept for a challenging project and realize it.

BTK gives you access to software laboratories, studios, analog and digital cameras, as well as a comprehensive assortment of studio equipment, enabling you to execute your photo productions at a high, professional level.

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