The print deadline for the PiB Guide Nº27 NOV/DEC 2019 is Oct 17th. Media Kit
Druckschluss für den PiB Guide Nº27 NOV/DEC 2019 ist der 17. Oktober. Mediadaten

BEST-Sabel Design School
Faculty: Photo Design

Lindenstraße 42
12555 Berlin [Treptow-Köpenick]

T +49 30 656 610 0


Since 1987 certified photo designers have been graduating from Best-Sabel Design School in Berlin Köpenick after attending an artistically and theoretically demanding of-the-job training course in which they gain profound skills and craftsmanship.

The three-year course aims to develop creativity through epxerimental and sense based working. The acquisition of job relevant competence and professional expertise is as well part of the curriculum as a criticall reflection upon one’s own achievements in the media world. Every year a maximum of 20 students start their training under the guidance of a qualified and experienced teaching staff implementing a methodologically-designed uniform curriculum.

Events by BEST-Sabel