© Ed Alcock, From The Series Hobbledehoy

Group Exhibition

»Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias«

Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz, Tom Griggs

Opening: Friday, November 7, 2014, 8 pm (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: November 7 – 20, 2014
Curated by Actual Colors May Vary (Julia Schiller & Oliver Schneider)
Opening hours: daily 12-20h
Admission free


As part of the first „Monat der Fotografie-OFF“ – the Berlin partner festival of the Parisian Mois de la Photo-OFF – the exhibition „Bubble & Scrape“ examines personal utopias by three artists:

In Hobbledehoy British photographer Ed Alcock provides an intimate insight into the relationship between a mother and child, his wife and son – and, by observing this fleeting childhood, allows himself and the viewer to re-visit this magical time.In her series The Other Side German photographer Jenny Fitz explores the clash of ideals and everyday life and the resulting absurdity on a farm in New Zealand.In 2010 Tom Griggs immigrated to Medellín, Colombia, his wife’s hometown. His project untitled (City of Eternal Spring) asks if immigration can be a utopian ideal of tabula rasa and explores the possibility of truly being reborn midlife.

About the artists

Ed Alcock is a British photographer living in Paris. His work focuses on family and the intimate. His first book, Hobbledehoy, which includes an original short-story by French author, Emmanuel Carrère, deals with the relationship between a mother and her young son. He is currently working on Love Lane, a new project on the destructive power of family secrets. He contributes regularly to M – Le Magazine du Monde, The Guardian, The New York Times, Stern, Madame Figaro and El Pais Magazine. He is a member of Agence M.Y.O.P.Jenny Fitz is a German photographer living in Berlin. While finishing her studies at the Neue Schule für Fotografie she started her current project The Other Side in New Zealand. In her work – which is also strongly influenced by theatre and literature – she questions the lifestyle and role-play of people in her social environment. In 2013 she concluded her four-year project Kammerspiel, which is available as a limited edition self-published book.Tom Griggs is a photographer, editor, educator and writer based in Medellín, Colombia. His images have been exhibited internationally, he teaches at two universities and he runs the site fototazo.


What’s connecting the works shown in “Bubble & Scrape” is the curiousity of the photographers to explore the space between the strange and the familiar. Can everyday life meet the expectations and images we have in our heads? Is it worth to dare ourselves to look into the strangely familiar without prejudice and fear? Can we face the possibility of being thrown back on ourselves everywhere we go?

Utopia should be a place where we can find an ideal way of living together, overcoming borders in our heads still defined by differences in culture, religion, state, race, sexuality and social standing. We live in an interconnected world and should focus on similarities and try to find a way to face challenges on our planet together, starting on a personal level. Living together is never ideal – and the scrapes we sustain by attempting it make us human.Photography is strong when it is not reduced to an illustration but speaks for itself and has room to breath. It blanks out much more than it actually shows and is vague and ambiguous. The more it contains shadow and mystery, the more the viewer has to fill the blanks to make his own picture. With so many images released everyday, photographers relying on their own voice and vision still have the chance to get heard and be recognized.

Oliver Schneider {ACMV}

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