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Below you’ll find selected (international) photography competitions & awards, workshops, initiatives, products & more.

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Monat Der Fotografie-OFF Berlin 2018 | Application Deadline: May 9, 2018
Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin 2018 | Application deadline: May 9, 2018

Photo Festival

PiB Interview Nº5 | »7 Fragen An…« Katharina Mouratidi
PiB Interview Nº5 | »7 Fragen an…« Katharina Mouratidi


Street Level Photoworks + OKS + Ostkreuz Verein | »Artist Exchange Residency Opportunities: Glasgow/Berlin«
Street Level Photoworks + OKS + Ostkreuz Verein | »Artist Exchange Residency Opportunities: Glasgow/Berlin«

Open Call

PiB Interview Nº4 | »7 Fragen An…« Sibylle Fendt
PiB Interview Nº4 | »7 Fragen an…« Sibylle Fendt


PiB Interview Nº3 | »7 Fragen An…« Heide Springer
PiB Interview Nº3 | »7 Fragen an…« Heide Springer


PiB Interview Nº2 | »7 Fragen An…« FOTOTREFF Berlin
PiB Interview Nº2 | »7 Fragen an…« FOTOTREFF Berlin


PiB Interview Nº1 | »7 Fragen An…« Kirsten Landwehr
PiB Interview Nº1 | »7 Fragen an…« Kirsten Landwehr


FOTOBOOKFESTIVAL KASSEL 2018 | Workshop »FROM THE THEORY TO THE BOOK« With Valentina Abenavoli / AKINA Books
FOTOBOOKFESTIVAL KASSEL 2018 | Workshop »FROM THE THEORY TO THE BOOK« with Valentina Abenavoli / AKINA Books

Workshop & Photobook Festival

Bundesverfassungsgericht Erkennt Street Photography Als Kunstform An
Bundesverfassungsgericht erkennt Street Photography als Kunstform an


LAND BRANDENBURG LOTTO GmbH | »Kunstpreis Fotografie 2018«
LAND BRANDENBURG LOTTO GmbH | »Kunstpreis Fotografie 2018«



Photobook Award & Photobook Festival

OSTKREUZ Agentur Der Fotografen & Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung | Harald Hauswald »Voll Der Osten. Leben In Der DDR«
OSTKREUZ Agentur der Fotografen & Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung | Harald Hauswald »Voll der Osten. Leben in der DDR«

Solo Exhibition

Haute Photographie 2018 Rotterdam
Haute Photographie 2018 Rotterdam

Photography Fair

STILL Magazine | Call For Entries
STILL Magazine | Call for entries

Call for entries

Magazin »Tagesspiegel KUNST BERLIN 2017/18«
Magazin »Tagesspiegel KUNST BERLIN 2017/18«

PiB’s photography ART TOUR in the new »Tagesspiegel KUNST BERLIN« Magazine 2017, featuring favorite galleries for fine art & documentary photography in Berlin.

Vetro Editions | »ANALOGUE PHOTOGRAPHY« By Andrew Bellamy
Vetro Editions | »ANALOGUE PHOTOGRAPHY« by Andrew Bellamy

If you have found an old Canon in the attic, bought a Konica at the thrift store, or inherited a Leica, this book provides all the information you need to help you get out and start using your camera. Unlike other formats, 35mm film is still readily available and convenient to process, meaning that this book is of interest to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Winner Of The C/O Berlin Talent Award 2017 | New Documentary Photography
Winner of the C/O Berlin Talent Award 2017 | New Documentary Photography

C/O Berlin is delighted to award the first C/O Berlin Talent Award in the photography category to the Austrian artist Stefanie Moshammer. Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Joscha Steffens, Stephan Bögel and Mafalda Rakoš were selected for the shortlist.

Media Partnership With »f³ – Freiraum Für Fotografie« By GfHF
Media partnership with »f³ – freiraum für fotografie« by GfHF

PiB | Photography in Berlin is delighted to be a media partner‬ for the new exhibition space for international author photography in Berlin-Mitte: f³ – freiraum für fotografie by the…

Analogue LEROUGE Pinhole Cameras – the Magic Of Pure Photography!
Analogue LEROUGE pinhole cameras – the magic of pure photography!

Our analogue LEROUGE pinhole cameras open the doors of a unique and exciting photographic world in which you can express your creativity and individuality. Each image is completely unique and…

Christian Reister | »Driftwood« Zine Series
Christian Reister | »Driftwood« Zine Series

DRIFTWOOD is an exciting new Fotozine which started in April 2016. It is a collectible which is published quarterly in a limited edition. Publisher and photographer in one is the…