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Erste Lektionen In Hydrologie (und Andere Bemerkungen) © Adelaide Ivanova

Artist Talk

»Erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)«

Adelaide Ivánova

Artist Talk (held in English): Thursday, March 17, 2016, 20h (Facebook Event)
Admission free
RSVP to Ethna at moc.l1603357360iamg@1603357360esora1603357360nhte1603357360


Ethna would like to extend a warm invitation to attend the 5th talk in the second series of ‘Beyond the Ring’ by Adelaide Ivánova.

Beyond the Ring‘ is an informal set of artists’ talks/presentations/performances by international artists based in Berlin and visiting artists passing through. They will take place in a studio in Walterstr. 30, Neukoelln. ‘Beyond the Ring’ is there to provide the opportunity for people to meet and share their thoughts, ideas and work. If you’re interested in joining in, you will see that there is life Beyond the Ring in Berlin.

For a place, RSVP Ethna at moc.l1603357360iamg@1603357360esora1603357360nhte1603357360.

Adelaide Ivánova (1982, Recife/Brazil) is a journalist, writer, translator and photographer living in Cologne, Germany. She has published 4 books:
“autotomy (…)” (São Paulo, 2014), “Polaróides” (Recife, 2014), “erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)” (Berlin/Recife, 2014) and “O martelo” (Lisbon, 2016).

Her photographic work was exhibited in group and solo shows in Brazil, Argentina, USA, France and Germany and it is part of the collection from Brittany’s Fine Art Museum (France) and DKW Museum Cottbus (Germany). Other publications include i­D, Colors, The Huffington Post, Zitty Berlin, Blu, Der Greif, Nido, Vice, Marie Claire, Vogue Brasil, Ojo de Pez, Elle China, FOG Platform, among others.

For this talk Adelaide will present her work: »erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)«.

Our relations with cities are like our relations with people. We love them, hate them, or are indifferent toward them. On our first day in a city that is new to us, we go looking for the city. We go down this street, around that corner. We are aware of the faces of passers­by. But the city eludes us, and we become uncertain whether we are looking for a city, or for a person”. – Victor Burgin in “Some Cities”.

In “erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)”, Adelaide Ivánova draws a parallel between the city of Recife, in Brazil, and the person of her father. The work investigates the analogies between the changes in her hometown Recife and the transformations in his life. Urban development, shark attacks, loss and Kung Fu.

Photobook Review by Jörg Colberg: erste Lektionen in Hydrologie by Adelaide Ivánova | Watch on Vimeo

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