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© Birte Kaufmann / INSTITUTE, From The Series "The Travellers" (2011-15)

Artist Talk

»The Travellers« (2011-15)

Birte Kaufmann

Artist Talk: Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 20h (Facebook Event)
For a place, please RSVP Ethna at moc.l1597222719iamg@1597222719esora1597222719nhte1597222719


Ethna would like to extend a warm invitation to attend the 3rd talk in the second series of ‘Beyond the Ring’ by Birte Kaufmann.
In this talk she will discuss her work ‘The Travellers‘:

The Travellers 2011-15

“The Travellers”, my photographic project, gives insight into the everyday life of Ireland’s largest minority group. This group has a nomadic origin, stemming from the tradition of migrant workers. As this tradition no longer exists, the travellers are looking for a new identity within the Western European society of the 21st century. Both the travellers’ traditions and their way of life are so different that they are met with little acceptance by the rest of the Irish society. The travellers live in a kind of parallel world with rules all of its own and traditional gender roles, a world to which outsiders have little access.

To this day, some traveller families live by the roadside illegally – mostly with out electricity, running water or sanitation, even though the government has provided halting sites for the travellers where they can stay with their caravans.

In the summer of 2011, I travelled to Ireland with a VW bus in order to photograph the travellers. I wanted to capture the travellers’ way of life and their values in pictures. In doing so, I did not want to romanticize them, but rather show their everyday life. A life where people still hunt rabbits and where horses play a vital role. But it is also a life that contains hardship and boredom from an early age.

Since my first encounter with the travellers, I have been in touch with one large family. Over time, I have gained their trust. Consequently, I was allowed to live with them so that I and my camera became part of their daily lives.

Birte Kaufmann, *1981, (Germany) lives and works as a freelance photographer in Cologne and Berlin. In 2012, she graduated from the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. Her work has been widely shown internationally and was recently shortlisted for the Solas Prize in Dublin, Ireland and received an honourable mention in the EI award, Encontros Da Imagem, Braga, Portugal.

Beyond the Ring‘ is an informal set of artists talks/presentations/performances by international artists based in Berlin and visiting artists passing through. They will take place in a studio in Walterstraße 30, Neukoelln. ‘Beyond the Ring’ is there to provide the opportunity for people to meet and share their thoughts, ideas and work. If you’re interested in joining in, you will see that there is life Beyond the Ring in Berlin.

For a place, please RSVP Ethna at moc.l1597222719iamg@1597222719esora1597222719nhte1597222719.

Event Details

© Birte Kaufmann / INSTITUTE, from the series "The Travellers" (2011-15)
Walterstraße 30, 12051 Berlin, Germany

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